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Sahil Gupta secured AIR 2 in CLAT 2023. In this interview, we delve into Sahil's journey to success, uncovering his study strategies, preparation methods, and the challenges he overcame to secure the coveted position of CLAT topper. Sahil shares his experiences, tips, and valuable insights that aspiring law students.

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Here are the excerpts from the Interview:

Harshita: Congratulations Sahil on achieving this feat. What was your reaction after becoming All India Rank (AIR) 2?

Sahil : Thank You!! As I had already calculated my score, I was expecting a good rank but getting Rank 2 was startling. Everyone in my family was overjoyed and I was delighted to see that my restless nights bore a sweet fruit.

Harshita: There are different fields after 12th, what motivated you to make a career in law?

Sahil : During my 12th, I was having constant discussions with a lot of people about my career choice and at that time I was not able to single out any of them from the ocean of choices that I was suggested. So, I decided to study a little bit about every one of them and luckily the first thing I choose was to find more about law and CLAT. I found it very much intriguing and decided to give CLAT a genuine shot after my 12th examination.

Harshita : Was this your first attempt at CLAT? When did you start preparing for the law entrance exams and what strategies you used in particular for your preparation?

Sahil : As I had already mentioned that I was exploring my options, so I gave the 2022 CLAT without any preparation and then sincerely start preparing for the 2023 one. I started my preparation in July of 2022, and as I was late, I was little bit nervous in the beginning of the preparation. My focus was on clearing my backlog and taking as many mock exams as possible, analysing each one. By the end I was able to cover both of them and started feeling confident about the examination. Reading newspaper and blogs on various topics was also very helpful and I think was a vital exercise that helped me a lot.

Harshita : Choosing the right Books and Preparation material have always been a concern for many students preparing for CLAT. So according to you which are some of the best books for preparation that you recommend for CLAT for each of the 5 sections and overall?

Sahil : Books helps a lot in understanding concepts, but I feel like to clear an exam which have components like current affairs and legal reasoning of which syllabus is not static needs a more dynamic material. For these sections, one should refer to online sources and coaching material which are more suited to adapt to the changes in real time. But for other section one can use good books to negate their weaknesses. I do not have any list of books with me, but one can easily find a book or website on google curated to their problem.

Harshita : What advice would you like to give the future CLAT aspirants & share with us the strategies you used to stay motivated in your exam days.

Sahil : I am listing some of the things I personally used to do in last month of preparation.

• Do a little bit of self-talk to see how far you have come in a day.

• Try to be disciplined instead of being motivated. There is a saying that motivation will help you to start but discipline will take you to places.

• Try to remember why you start preparing for the exam in the first place to get a little bit of motivation (which is also necessary to an extent).

I would advise everyone to believe in them and remain calm during last stages of preparation. Even though it may feel like that you are not good enough, but I will say just measure how far you have come since you started and feel proud on that fact. A pro tip would be not to waste your time finding a strategy used by someone. I would say just try to develop your own. Everyone who cleared the exam had different ways to do things and all of them were correct. There is no one size that fits all.

Harshita : What is the ideal time to start taking mock Tests & What role do mock tests play in CLAT Preparation? What was your strategies in particular towards mock tests?

Sahil : The ideal time to start taking mocks is from the dawn of the preparation. Giving mocks in regular period of time helps in tracking the progress and one can increase their number of mocks as the time and level of preparation fosters. I have heard that the pattern of CLAT has been changed and now only 120 questions will come, but I think that strategies will remain relevant. I know that low mock scores can be a bit terrifying but do not lose your heart over them. Try to learn from the mistakes you do during a mock and also try to never repeat them in subsequent mock and ultimately in the exam. You can also experiment with the sequencing of sections in mocks to find which one suits you best and In last never overtime any section no matter how hard or easy it feels.

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