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Abhinav Somani secured AIR I in CLAT 2023, he also happens to be the AIR 1 or All India Rank 1 in AILET 2023 conducted by NLU Delhi. In this interview, we delve into Abhinav’s journey to success, uncovering his study strategies, preparation methods, and the challenges he overcame to secure the coveted position of CLAT topper. Abhinav shares his experiences, tips, and valuable insights that aspiring law students.

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Here are excerpts from the Interview:

Harshita : Congratulations Abhinav on achieving this feat, During the preparation did CLAT AIR 1 ever come across your mind?

Abhinav : Thank you so much. No, I did not think I would be AIR 1 during my preparation. I had dreamed of it and that’s what I was aiming for obviously but actually achieving it was a pleasant surprise.


Harshita :  There are different fields after 12th, what motivated you to make a career in law?

Abhinav : Truthfully, Law was never my first choice. After 10th grade, all I knew was that I had a great interest in Humanities and that is what I picked. My father recommended law to me, so I enrolled in a coaching and started preparing for CLAT. Eventually, I realised that I was deeply interested in Legal theory and thus developed a passion for Law.


Harshita : Was this your first attempt at CLAT? When did you start preparing for the law entrance exams and what strategies you used in particular for your preparation?

Abhinav : Yes, this was my first attempt at CLAT. I started preparing for CLAT in 11th grade by enrolling myself in a coaching institute. My strategy for CLAT was mainly giving mocks and analysing them. I gave a good number of mocks, analysed them and tried to understand where I was going wrong. I also read the newspaper daily to improve my reading and keep up with Current affairs.


Harshita : Choosing the right Books and Preparation material have always been a concern for many students preparing for CLAT. So according to you which are some of the best books for preparation that you recommend for CLAT for each of the 5 sections and overall?

Abhinav : I referred to my coaching’s material itself while preparing for CLAT.


Harshita : What advice would you like to give the future CLAT aspirants & share with us the strategies you used to stay motivated in your exam days.

Abhinav : My advice would be-

  • Be consistent with GK. Keep up with all the new Current affairs and keep revising the older GK as well.
  • Give mocks regularly and analyse them very well.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them.

To stay motivated, I used to take breaks during studying so that I did not get overwhelmed. I also kept reminding myself that all the effort would be worth it. I watched the interview’s of previous toppers so as to motivate myself further.

Harshita : What is the ideal time to start taking mock Tests & What role do mock tests play in CLAT Preparation? What was your strategies in particular towards mock tests?

Abhinav : The CLAT pattern has changed recently and the number of questions has reduced to 120. So, my ideal time is irrelevant now. However, the pattern that I followed while giving a mock is-

  1. English
  2. GK
  3. One set of QT
  4. Legal Reasoning
  5. One set of QT
  6. Logical Reasoning
  7. Last set of QT

Mock tests are very helpful in CLAT preparation and they were the backbone of mine. My strategy towards mocks was to give them fairly regularly and analyse them religiously.

The CLAT Exam Pattern gives a clear idea to the student about the type of questions, exam duration exam language and various other important details about the examination. The CLAT Exam Pattern also helps in the planning of preparation for the examination and successfully clearing the same.The Consortium has made some changes in the exam pattern of CLAT 2024 this year. The number of questions has been reduced from 150 to 120.

The CLAT Exam Pattern 2024 in brief:



Mode of Examination


Exam Duration

2 hours


  • English Language
  • Current Affairs, including General Knowledge
  • Legal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Techniques

Type of Question


Total No. of Questions


Total Marks

150 marks

Negative Marking

0.25 for each wrong answer

Language of Paper

English only


CLAT 2024 Subject Wise Weightage:


No. of Questions


English Language

28-32 questions


Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

35-39 questions


Legal Reasoning

35-39 questions


Logical Reasoning

28-32 questions


Quantitative Techniques

13-17 questions



CLAT 2024 Marking Criteria:

Marking Criteria

Correct Answer


Incorrect Answer





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