NIFT Topper Interview 2021: In conversation with BDes AIR 2 Shivani Bharti

# Jun 22, 2021 by Ojasvi Gupta

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NIFT Topper Interview 2021: In conversation with B Des AIR 2 Shivani Bharti

The NIFT Entrance Exam 2021 written examinations for the B. Des and B. FTech courses were conducted on 14th February 2021. It is one of the most important examinations for B. Des aspirants. NIFT announced the results for BDes on June 10.

We had a chance to interview Shivani Bharti who secured AIR 2 in NIFT 2021 and to achieve the same she had joined Pahal Design for her preparations. In this interview, she discusses her preparation strategies, creativity, her strengths and weakness, and much more.

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Here are some excerpts from the Interview:

Ojasvi:  Congrats on securing AIR 2 in NIFT 2021. So how are you feeling after scoring such a good rank?

Shivani: Actually I didn’t expect this much from NIFT but yes hard work pays off. My family is so happy and that’s enough for me.

Ojasvi: Could you tell us about your preparation strategy that helped you crack the NIFT exam?

Shivani: To be consistent in all subjects is the only strategy that I followed. Explore the creative part's ideas and acquire as many skills as possible. For Maths and reasoning, don’t worry about it, it’s too easy just revise all the basic arithmetic and reasoning tricks. This is should be enough.

English and comprehension are very important here, prepare as much vocabulary as you can and practice comprehension regularly and basics of grammar. And keep yourself updated about the current scenario in fashion and all fields for General Knowledge.

Ojasvi:  How was the NIFT 2021 paper? Was it easy, difficult lengthy?

Shivani: It was neither easy nor difficult. But it was tricky.

Ojasvi: The Creative Ability Test (CAT) is conducted to judge the candidates' intuition, observation, and design abilities. How do you think students should develop these?

Shivani: For these, you should keep yourself updated about new technologies, ancient culture, and everything. Watch cartoons, spend time on Pinterest and observe your surroundings very carefully.

Ojasvi:  Now if we talk about the GAT section, what subjects or section was time-consuming?

Shivani: Comprehension was quite time-consuming, whereas Maths and Reasoning were very good if you have your basics clear.

Ojasvi: How did you deal with your strengths and your weaknesses while preparing for the NIFT Entrance exam?

Shivani: Maths and reasoning were my strength and General Knowledge was my weakness, similarly creative part skills were my strength and ideas were my weakness. So I just worked on my strengths and keep going with my weakness.

Ojasvi: Was design always your first preference? Why did you think of pursuing your studies in the design stream?

Shivani: This industry is all about creativity and makes me unique as an individual. It’s damn awesome too!

Ojasvi: Great to hear that! What tips and suggestions would you like to give to the NIFT aspirants to score well?

Shivani: There are no tips; it’s all about the strategies adopted. Be consistent and don’t give up.

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