NEET Topper Interview 2021: Meet Mrinal Kutteri AIR I

# Nov 13, 2021 by Harshita Nandal

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NEET Topper Interview 2021: Meet Mrinal Kutteri AIR I

The NEET 2021 was held on 12th September 2021 in 3855 exam centers across 202 cities in India &  the result was declared on 1st November 2021. Mrinal Kutteri has topped NEET 2021 by scoring a perfect 720 and an All India Rank (AIR) 1.

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Here are the excerpts from the Interview:

Harshita: Congratulations Mrinal on achieving this feat, During the preparation did NEET AIR 1 & scoring 720/720 marks ever came across your mind ?

Mrinal: Well, 720/720 is the golden figure that everyone works towards, but I never thought that I’d actually be able to score that much.

Harshita: Did the COVID pandemic affect your exam preparation in any way? How did you manage your study during the lockdown ?

Mrinal:  pandemic did negatively affect my preparation, especially in the first few months, but I was able to adapt to the changed situation after the initial starting trouble. I divided the extra time in hand between studies and hobbies so that I could stay focused and happy during these testing times.

Harshita: After accomplishing such a great achievement , what next big things you dream to achieve in your life?

Mrinal: Well, I don't really plan much for the future, seeing as my career choice itself had changed quite a bit during  schooling years, but now I hope to complete my MBBS degree from AIIMS Delhi. Specialization is something I'll think about later.

Harshita: What motivated you to choose medicine as a career? When did you decide to become a doctor?

Mrinal: In 9th grade, I decided that I wanted to become an army doctor, because it combined the professional field of my interest with a life of adventure and service, but with time, I became less insistent about joining the army and now, I just want to be a doctor wherever I can. The human body has always interested me, and I hope to learn more about it and unlock more of its secrets by choosing this career.

Harshita: Was this your first attempt at NEET ? When did you start preparing for the  entrance exam and what strategies you used in particular for your preparation?

Mrinal : This was my first attempt at NEET. I started preparing for the exam in 11th grade, when I joined Aakash Institute for coaching. I didn't have any particular strategy to prepare for the exam. I just tried to focus on concept clarity and frequent revision for all subjects.

Harshita: Choosing the right Books and Preparation material have always been a concern for many students preparing for NEET.  So according to you which are some of the best books for preparation that you recommend for NEET  for each of the 3 sections and overall preparation ?

Mrinal: For study material, I only referred to Aakash provided study material and NCERT. And for solving questions, I referred to Aakash material and MTG books (MTG for biology and chemistry). I think that the basic principle behind choosing study material is to refer to as many books as required to gain concept clarity and solve all many questions as required to gain confidence in that topic. I had bought many other books for reference, but I didn't solve them much because I felt confident enough after reading the books mentioned above.

Harshita: What advice would you like to give the future NEET aspirants & share with us the strategies you used to stay motivated in your exam days.

Mrinal: I don’t have any particular advice for preparation. I would only suggest that aspirants try to focus on understanding concepts and mechanisms as far as possible because it equips you to face a wide range of questions, and also to give some time to your hobbies, as that is the main way to stay calm, focused and motivated during preparation.

Harshita: What is the ideal time to start taking mock Tests & What role do  mock tests play in NEET Preparation? What was your strategies in particular towards mock tests?

Mrinal: I started taking full portion mock tests soon after portion was completed in my class, but not with much frequency. I mainly did it to get an experience of writing full portion tests and to understand the kind of questions asked. I believe that mock tests are quite important for preparation because they help us apply different strategies for time management and stress management during the exam. Moreover, if one writes mock tests frequently and also learns from the mistakes made, then mock tests alone can serve as a good source of revision and preparation. I focused on writing all the mock tests scheduled by my institute, while following my own study plan to revise the portion in parallel.

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