JEE Main Topper Interview: In talk with Sneha AIR 2

# Jul 18, 2022 by Harshita Nandal

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JEE Main Topper Interview: In talk with Sneha AIR 2 

JEE Main June Session Exams were conducted from 23rd to 29th June by NTA & announced the result on 11th July .

JEE Main Paper in the June session, Sneha who has scored 100 percentile in JEE Main & also secured AIR 2 in JEE MAIN. We conducted an interview with her so her words can inspire other JEE Main aspirants as well.

Here are the excerpts from the Interview:

Harshita : Congratulations for your outstanding performance in JEE Main 2022 Exam. How did you feel after scoring 100 percentile?

Sneha : It was a very proud moment for me ,my family and my teachers. At first I could believe it. I was really very happy that I was able to keep the faith and expectation which my teachers and parents had on me.

Harshita : When did you start your preparations? How are you managing your board preparations along with JEE Main preparations?

Sneha : I took admission in Allen Guwahati in month of December 2019 while I was in class 10 in nurture advance phase of Allen. At that time I started my preparation. Board preparation can be done very easily with Jee Mains preparation. I mainly focussed on jee mains and with its preparation my physics, chemistry,and maths was also completed for boards. Apart from that I had English and physical education to be done for boards. So I started preparing for those subjects 2 months prior to boards. And also with my school exams most of the chapters of these subjects where already completed before boards.

Harshita : According to you, what helped you score so well? Tell us about your daily routine, preparation strategies and coaching.

Trying to give my 100% every day helped me score so well. I used to wake up early at 4 am and then revise the previous day class held at my coaching. Then after returning from my coaching I used to complete the assignments given by my teachers. Regular tests at my coaching helped me in revising the topics already covered. I used to do a proper analysis of the tests which helped me to know my strengths and weaknesses. After the completion of the syllabus I used to stay at Allen from 8am to 8pm. We were provided a proper weekly schedule and had weekly tests. This helped me revise the whole syllabus systematically.

Harshita : Tell us about your schooling and dream college. Why did you choose to study engineering?

Sneha : My dream college is IIT BOMBAY and I wish to pursue CSE in it. When I first came to know about google , I was really curious to know about how it works and wanted to be a part of such a technological world. That is why I chose to study engineering.

Harshita : Which subject was the easiest and which subject was toughest for you in JEE Main? And how did you overcome what you found difficult?

Sneha : Although for me the Jee mains paper was of a moderate level but I found maths was a bit tougher and physics was easiest. I was not able to solve one question of maths at first attempt , so I left the problem for the end without wasting much time. And also there were many questions which I marked for review at the end at checked them after I completed my full paper. This is a good strategy which helped me keep my confidence during the exam.

Harshita : What is the ideal time to start taking mock Tests & What role do mock tests play in JEE Mains Preparation? What were your strategies in particular towards mock tests?

Sneha : Mock test should be started as soon as one completes the syllabus. 1 month prior to the exam daily mock tests should be taken . Mock tests are as important as revision because they give us an idea about our weak topics and also help to reduce our silly mistakes during exam. We had daily mock test at our institute and I used to do proper anlaysis of my mistakes . If they were conceptual mistakes then I used to revise the topic again , I also tried to solve the problems which I could not do during the exams, other than that I used to note my silly mistakes which helped me a lot during the exam day.




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