JEE Advanced 2021 Topper Interview: Dhananjay Raman AIR 2

# Oct 23, 2021 by Harshita Nandal

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JEE Advanced 2021 Topper Interview: Dhananjay Raman AIR 2

Joint Entrance Examination or JEE Advanced Result 2021 has been released today-October 15, 2021. This year, 141699 students appeared for both papers in the exam. Out of this, 41862 students qualified JEE Advanced 2021.

Dhananjay Raman scored All India Rank 2 in the JEE Advanced Exam 2021. Dhananjay who is 17, topped JEE Advanced Exam on his first attempt. He aims to study at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Harshita :Congratulations Dhananjay on achieving this huge feat. How did you react to being AIR 2 for JEE Advanced 2021?

Dhananjay: I was very happy when I heard the news. My teachers had already confirmed that based on my marks I could expect a single digit rank, but seeing rank 2 was a very welcome surprise. My parents are even more happy than me, and seeing that just makes me smile.

Harshita: You excelled in both JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. What was the difference between your approaches for both these exams?

Dhananjay: I would generally only prepare for JEE Advanced rather than Mains as I think of Mains as only the qualifier. For me just preparing for JEE Advanced along with revising a few chapters from NCERT Textbooks for chemistry was sufficient to achieve a good result in JEE Mains too. I would say Mains required less preparation as there are more rote based questions instead of problem solving based, and the difficulty is also much less compared to Advanced.

Harshita: In the JEE Advanced Paper, which sections were easy or difficult for you? How did you overcome what you found difficult?

Dhananjay :Chemistry is a subject I always struggle with. Even after getting a Gold Medal in the International Chemistry Olympiad this year, chemistry was still my lowest scoring subject in JEE Advanced. But I would say that my preparation for the Chemistry Olympiad definitely helped me score more marks than expected in the chemistry section of Advanced. Physics was straightforward and easy, while math was a little time consuming, hence I lost some marks to silly mistakes.

Harshita: What is the ideal time to start taking mock Tests & What role do mock tests play in JEE Advanced Preparation? What was your strategies in particular towards mock tests?

Dhananjay :After competing my JEE Advanced syllabus, I incorporated solving mock tests into my daily schedule. I would spend a minimum of 3-4 hours daily just solving mock tests that FIITJEE had prepared. I would treat mock tests like actual JEE Advanced papers so that I could instill the discipline required to stay at my seat for 3 hours and solve problems without getting bored or tired.

Harshita: You are a huge inspiration to JEE Main and Advanced aspirants. Would you like to give some useful tips or advice?

Dhananjay :Make good notes so that revision is not confusing for you, solve mock tests regularly, study a minimum of 6 hours daily (without any distractions), and stay in contact with your teachers and ask them for guidance. This is the most important advice, as my own teachers were responsible for keeping me on track and making sure I did not lose my target.


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