CLAT Topper Interview 2021: Shwetha AIR 4

# Oct 14, 2021 by Harshita Nandal

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CLAT Topper Interview 2021: Shwetha AIR 4


CLAT  2021  was held on 23rd July 2021 , & was conducted in 66 cities (approx) across India in 128 exam centres & result was declared on 28th July 2021. 53574 Candidates appeared in this examination among them Shwetha Ramchandran was the one who secured top position – AIR 4

In this interview she discusses her examination strategies, Mock test and some important books, that the students can follow who are preparing for CLAT examination.


Here are the excerpts from the Interview :

Harshita: Congratulations Shwetha on achieving this feat, During the preparation did CLAT AIR 4 ever came across your mind?

Shwetha: Thankyou very much. No, a single digit rank was never expected. It took time to sink in that I got into NLS with a single digit rank.

Harshita: There are different fields after 12th, what motivated you to make a career in law?

Shwetha: My father suggested that law will be great option to pursue for the undergrad. Then I read about it. I have been enjoying the subjectivity of the law. It is all about the greys and not the blacks and whites. It is an intellectual process to engage in.

Harshita: Was this your first attempt at CLAT? When did you start preparing for the law entrance exams and what strategies you used in particular for your preparation?

Shwetha: No, this was my second attempt. I attempted it in 2020 with my 12th standard and secured a rank of 1123. It was like a trial round, without any actual preparation. I did a lot of mocks but analysed none. There were a lot of strategical errors I made. Those were my learning lessons for CLAT 2021.

I started my preparation after CLAT 2020 results were out. Since I had attempted a lot of mocks, I was comfortable with sitting and focussing for 2 hours. I was fine with the pattern as well. So, I had to focus on my skills.

From then, I read newspaper every day, attempted mocks every 3 days and covered my basics thoroughly.

I believe it is very important to stay in touch with the concepts. So, I ensured that I spent at least 2 hours every day for CLAT.

Harshita: Choosing the right Books and Preparation material have always been a concern for many students preparing for CLAT.  So according to you which are some of the best books for preparation that you recommend for CLAT 2021 for each of the 5 sections and overall preparation?

Shwetha: There is no fixed set of books for CLAT, esp. the new pattern.

For English, I practiced RCs from various sources. The mock tests provide a wide variety of questions. I analyzed them thoroughly after the test. I referred to GMAT Guides as well. They provide a lot of quality questions. I picked passages from those genres which I was uncomfortable with. Using a timer while practicing is very important as this is a speed-based paper as well.

For GK, I read newspaper and made notes from them. If I come across an extensive topic, I used to find out the background from some UPSC websites. Then, I would read articles from various sources and collate points from them. Frequent revision of the notes is mandatory. You can also refer to GK compendiums provided by coaching centers and other GK websites to ensure that you have covered the important events of the month.

For Logic, I practiced a lot of GMAT and LSAT questions with timer. I did 20 questions everyday and analyzed them thoroughly. My Analytical reasoning was strong, so I covered one chapter per week in the last 4 months to not miss out on any topic.

For Legal, I practiced a lot of principle-fact based questions and analyzed them. I did 10-15 everyday or alternate days. I covered my basic concepts with the help of my mentors and cleared every conceptual doubts. Raising your doubts is very important for legal as that will sharpen your reasoning skills.

Math was my strength from the beginning. So, I refined it by practicing short tricks. To not miss out on any concepts, I practiced one chapter every week in the last 4 months.

Harshita: What advice would you like to give the future CLAT aspirants & share with us the strategies you used to stay motivated in your exam days.

Shwetha: Everyone is stressed and nervous about on the exam day. It is normal. Just ensure that it doesn’t pull down your productivity. Try meditation, talk to your parents and try to not think about the results. You have done what you were supposed to do. Just believe in yourself and you will be good to go.

Harshita: What is the ideal time to start taking mock Tests & What role do mock tests play in CLAT Preparation? What was your strategies towards mock tests?

Shwetha: I would recommend you take mocks as soon as you begin with your prep. Once you attempt a mock, you know what you are preparing for. You get to know what the paper expects from you.

After that first mock, sit with your mentor or senior and analyse the paper. It may take a whole day but trust me its worth the effort. Note your mistakes in your mock copy and revise them frequently.

This whole process will help you to chart your preparation strategy. Now you know where you lack. Spend the time before the next mock working on them. Once you attempt the next mock, you will be able to see a change, though not drastic. Thus, continuing this process and mapping your progress will help you to plan.

CLAT prep is very subjective. It depends on person to person. So, it is very important to believe in your preparation and being confident. You must create your own strategy and that happens with time. Patience is very important.

All the best!

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